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What We Do

At DTS Pallets, we re-build used wooden pallets to strict industry standards, and re-sell them to the transportation and storage industries and other businesses in Montana and surrounding states. We offer recycled pallets in a variety of sizes, common and custom, to meet every need. Using recycled pallets helps not only save money, but also reduces pollution and conserves valuable resources. Need to get rid of some pallets? Call DTS Pallets today!


Whether your pallets are broken, battered, well-used or just needing a little love, DTS Pallets can help breathe new life into them.


Every year we recycle thousands of wood pallets that would otherwise wind up in landfills, taking up room and requiring up to 13 years to biodegrade.


One size does not fit all, so at DTS we will work with you to build the pallets or custom crates you need. Recycled pallet wood provides a cost-effective alternative to virgin wood.

Uses for
Reclaimed Pallet Wood

WOOD Kindling

Forget twigs and small expensive gas station bundles, we have literal TONS of scraps in lots of different sizes. Bring your container and let us fill it with scrap wood for your fireplace or camp fires.


Wood pallets are a versatile material that are great for use in up-cycle pallet projects. DIY builders are using reclaimed wood to build furniture, outdoor landscaping projects, and even trendy, rustic interior trim work.

Alternative to New Wood

Did you know that reclaimed wood is up to 40 points harder than virgin wood on the Janka hardness scale? This is because wood from old-growth forests is harder than the new growth lumber commonly used in commercial and industrial applications. Plus, recycled pallet wood has often been in service and braving the elements for years, and so is less susceptible to warping and cracking than new, soft wood.

The Pallet
Recycling Process

We Take Your Old Pallets

If you have pallets for recycling—a few, dozens, hundreds, or thousands, stacked high to the ceiling or busted to pieces and laying in piles—we’ll take them! You can bring them to us, or schedule a pick-up.

Breakdown, Repair, Reman

Our facility disassembles pallets for repair, remanufacturing, or repurposing of disposed pallet wood.

Delivery & Drop-off

Whatever you need from us we’ll bring it to you. We have the equipment and the logistics know-how to transport and drop loads of potentially unlimited size.

Large or Small
We Build Them All

Standard Pallet Sizes and Grades

  • #1 grade and #2 grade standard sizes (48×40 inches)
  • New pallets, made to order
  • Repair and remanufacturing of your existing pallets

Non-standard Sizes

Some popular, non-standard pallet sizes include 40×40, 42×42, and 48×48 inches.

Contact us to ask about other custom sized pallets.

Custom Crates

We understand that some products need boxes, crates, or containers made from wood. DTS Pallets will work with you to design and build just what you need to safely store or transport your products.

Got Blue CHEP Pallets?

We’re Also a CHEP Recovery Center

DTS Pallets has an authorized CHEP depot in Billings, Montana. This means we can also take your CHEP pallets and return them into the pallet pool for you.

(Please contact CHEP directly to purchase CHEP products.)


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