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We live in the North Country, and so clean burning firewood is a must when the chill sets in. Drops in temperature can leave us looking for a place to find firewood near me in a hurry. DTS Pallets has plenty of quality firewood for your wood fire or wood stoves.

Many people don’t realize that we provide a cheap and great-burning alternative to regular firewood dealers. Call us today to arrange for pick up or delivery of your next order of wood in the Billings, Montana area.

Recycled firewood is the cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to buying wood from the grocery store or gas station. We supply 100% recycled wood waste reclaimed from pallets and other sources. Our dried wood is seasoned, so it has low moisture content and burns hotter than regular split fire logs.

We can supply any type of firewood, for home heating in a wood burning stove or setting up a fire pit. Regular wood can have knots and other imperfections that cause it to burn unevenly or even burst as your logs burn. Pallet wood was originally selected for uniform quality, so you know that your fire will burn hot and evenly.

We can supply wood in almost any quantity. Call today for pickup, or schedule delivery to your location in Billings and the surrounding regions. When you’re looking for affordable, quality firewood, look no further than DTS Pallets.

About DTS Pallets

Re-building a Better Planet
One Pallet at a Time

At DTS Pallets, we re-build pallets to strict industry standards, and re-sell them to the transportation and storage industries and other businesses in Montana and surrounding states. We offer recycled pallets in a variety of sizes, common and custom, to meet every need. Using recycled pallets helps not only save money, but also reduces pollution and conserves valuable resources. Need to get rid of some pallets? Call DTS Pallets today!

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